July 12, 2009

Some of you have been wondering about the mohawks in the video. A few weeks ago, Matt’s Uncle Brad was diagnosed with cancer. He immediately started chemotherapy and knew that he was going to begin to loose his hair shortly. To make his hair loss less dramatic, he decided to shave it. In an act of solidarity and support, some of the guys at the family reunion decided that Brad shouldn’t have to shave alone – but, why shave the whole head when you can have a mohawk for a few days?


The daddies all had to get rid of the ‘hawks in order to return to work, but the boys kept theirs. Not only was it fun to see all these straight-laced guys with mohawks, it was lovely to see the family come together to support Uncle Brad.

I would appreciate it if you would pray for him over the next several months as he goes through treatments. You can even give yourself a mohawk if you want.


2 Responses to “Mohawks”

  1. kaylynne50 said

    what a sweet gesture, the ‘family mohawk”! I got my own mohawk last week as my hair was falling out too….my “crazy chemo cut” but 50 year old women don’t look so cool, so it only lasted for a few minutes before it was shaaved clean.
    Good Luck to Uncle Brad…he is lucky to have a compassionate family!

  2. teri Dufilho said

    robin, i didn’t know you had a shot of all the mohawk dudes…. what a great picture!!

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