Brown World

July 15, 2009

I walked into the living room and saw a brief snip of a show the boy was glued to going to commercial. I’m pretty careful about what I allow the kids to watch, so I wanted to find out what was on.

“What are you watching?”

Brown World.

“I’ve never heard of Brown World. You know you need to ask before you watch something.” At this point, the show returns and I immediately recognize a classic. “Buddy, why did you think this show was called Brown World?”

“I dunno. It’s got brown people. They’re funny.”

“This is The Cosby Show. It’s great. Daddy and I both watched it when we were little, too.”

I wonder what Bill Cosby would think about his new title…


9 Responses to “Brown World”

  1. Doody said

    SHUT UP!! Hahahaha.

  2. Beth said

    Too funny!

  3. singingmommy said

    So very funny!

  4. julie said

    Too cute! Matthew talks about “brown” and “peach” people

  5. Doody said

    P.S. I just read this to Chris and he said “that is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard.” Ha!

  6. Suz said

    I can’t stop giggling about this. I love “the boy!”

  7. teri Dufilho said

    i love trying to figure out the mind of a six year old……they really do have a unique way of figuring things out, and they say it like it is………how absolulety precious!

  8. J said

    Precious little un-P.C. boy. I make the children around here to watch the Cosbys with me everyday from 4:00 – 5:00. I’m tempted to force some Andy Griffith on them too.

    – J

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