The Accident

July 21, 2009

It was the last event of Vacation Bible School – a relay obstacle course. He was the anchor leg, racing to bring it home for his team. He glided through the hula hoop obstacle, mastered the swing with ease, he was up the ladder and down the slide faster than lightening – then came the spring horse (technically, it was a rocket). He rocked back and forth as his team cheered for him. Only the jump rope stood between him and victory for his team. He let go of the rocket, preparing to race to the last station, but the rocket still had power in its thrusters. We all watched as he flew over the rocket and landed on the sand.

Poor baby. We knew immediately that it was broken. We rushed him to the ER where we were immediately joined by supportive friends. Five hours later we left with a cast from his hand to his arm pit. It was a little too much adventure for my taste, but I was amazed by the support we got – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I’m just hoping that we’re done with broken bones.


5 Responses to “The Accident”

  1. Lindsay S. said

    Ouch! Poor Luke. I cringe just looking at the x-rays. Hope he’s feeling back to himself soon. We’re praying for him! He’ll look so tough with a mohawk AND cast.

  2. Bethany said

    Praying for sweet Lukie! We love you Luke!

  3. Carly said

    OUCH! My kids are so upset. Mostly because they don’t get to sign his cast.

  4. g said

    we feel your pain. you better come to the beach anyway. we’ll put up with the STANKY cast after it gets wet, honest.

  5. teri Dufilho said

    how i wish i could take his broken arm for him!……but, it is what is is, i guess!!……we pray it will heal beautifully and that the good will out-weigh the bad, like all the attention, and signatures, and extra help, and sympathy, and maybe gifts!!……we love you lukie-boy!……. nana and pop

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