80s Video

July 30, 2009

Here’s the video that we created for a contest about the 80s. Hope you enjoy it!


7 Responses to “80s Video”

  1. Tara said

    Y’all are hilarious!

  2. Ron/Deanna said


    awesome job guys.

  3. lbkpenneys said

    OK- your creativity amazes me!! I LOVE IT!! What contest was this for?

  4. teri Dufilho said

    love it……love it…..love it…….love it……. love all the peeps who created it…….i’m a bit amazed at the talent, the creativity, …….well, more than a “bit”…..BRAVO!!!!

  5. Beth said

    I so loved my guess overalls and Coke watch. Watching brought back so many memories!

  6. I love this video and I love the 80’s. You guys are such a fun family!

  7. Jason Trook said

    I love this video. It takes me back. . . I just keep watching it over and over again.

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