Beach Vacation

August 6, 2009

To celebrate summer in the most traditional way possible, the fam packed up for a week at the beach. We met up with the Bowlings in Sunset Beach, North Carolina for a fun time in the sand and sun. Here are some of our favorite memories.

DSC_3452Mary loves birds. Her goal in life is to catch one.

DSC_3629Over the dunes to the shore

DSC_3636Beach fun

DSC_3654Our family

DSC_3740Daddy’s girl

DSC_3817In Willimington

DSC_3900About to say goodbye


2 Responses to “Beach Vacation”

  1. Megan said

    This brings back such beach memories from the Govreau/Dufilho dasy of our youth. You parents are wearing clothes, not swimsuits…was it not scorching hot there?

  2. teri Dufilho said

    those pictures are so good!……..lots of fun memories!… sorry luke had to deal with the cast, but “whatcha gonna do?” (spoken in mobster-speak)

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