July 12, 2009

Some of you have been wondering about the mohawks in the video. A few weeks ago, Matt’s Uncle Brad was diagnosed with cancer. He immediately started chemotherapy and knew that he was going to begin to loose his hair shortly. To make his hair loss less dramatic, he decided to shave it. In an act of solidarity and support, some of the guys at the family reunion decided that Brad shouldn’t have to shave alone – but, why shave the whole head when you can have a mohawk for a few days?


The daddies all had to get rid of the ‘hawks in order to return to work, but the boys kept theirs. Not only was it fun to see all these straight-laced guys with mohawks, it was lovely to see the family come together to support Uncle Brad.

I would appreciate it if you would pray for him over the next several months as he goes through treatments. You can even give yourself a mohawk if you want.


My Sister

June 2, 2008

UPDATE: Carly’s having surgery on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. to have plates put in her finger.

Please keep my sister in your prayers today. She needs to go in for surgery today to get a pin put in her finger due to a very unfortunate accident she had yesterday. (You can read all about it here, but be warned, the picture on her blog is not for the faint-of-heart.)

Pray for healing for her, for endurance of the pain until the bone is set, and for adaptation to all the things she has to do as a mother of three. I am thankful that she did not lose her finger entirely. (If you look at the picture, the ring around the bottom of her finger is really just deep rope burn – yikes!) Thank you for your prayers.

Into Surgery

April 9, 2008

The doctor is prepping Bethany for a C-section right now. She and Paul are both disappointed that this is not what they planned, and relieved that Charlie will be here soon. As soon as he’s here, Charlie will be brought back to the room for us to ooh and aah over. I will be posting pictures as soon as I have them.

Please pray for peace for Paul and Bethany, health for mom and baby, wisdom for doctors and nurses, and God to be glorified in this situation.

Waiting for Charlie

April 9, 2008

I am here in Houston, awaiting the arrival of my third nephew, the first on Matt’s side. We are so excited to meet Paul and Bethany’s sweet baby boy and tell him in person how much he is loved. Bethany is in the hospital right now, getting her pitocin, and her body is not doing much quite yet. She is still not dilated, but her doctor is concerned because Charlie’s fluid is low.

Please pray that her body begins to prepare for the arrival of this baby so that she will be able to have him as naturally as possible. I’ll continue updating until I can post a picture of his sweet face.

Where’s Charlie?

April 1, 2008

I was supposed to be an aunt by now. Matt’s brother and sister-in-law promised us a baby by the end of March. It is now April.

No, I seriously understand that babies (especially first babies) sometimes take their time in coming, but she has not progressed at all. Poor Bethany. I remember feeling like I would be pregnant forever. Thinking that my due date was the end of the line, only to be disappointed. I am so proud of her endurance and her faith that Charlie will join us in God’s perfect timing, I am just praying for the strength for her to continue on despite desperately wanting to hold her baby boy in her arms.

Charlie, just give Aunt Robin & Uncle Matt enough warning time in order to get there to meet you. Our car is already packed to go and your cousins are anxious to kiss your face.



February 19, 2008

I am sitting in the corner of a hospital room waiting for my sister to give birth. I don’t know what it is about the sweet sound of the baby monitor echoing the baby’s heartbeat, but it makes me so happy. Carly is resting – she has Pitocin, her water has been broken, and she has her epidural. Now we wait.

Please pray for Carly as she labors. I am about to be an aunt again, and I will post pictures of my new niece or nephew as soon as they make their big entrance.

Update: She has been at a four for several hours now. The baby is not tolerating the Pitocin, so they are administering it in small doses with breaks for mom and baby in between. The doctor has already said that if they do not see some kind of progress, they may have to discuss other options for delivery. Pray that she can have this baby naturally and not have to have a C-section.

Latest update: Praise the Lord! She’s no longer at a 4 (where she’s been since about 10:30 this morning). Now she is between a 6-7 and she is making progress. If the baby keeps tolerating the Pitocin and Carly keeps progressing, she may be able to avoid the C-section.

Now: Carly is in the operating room having a C-section. She was disappointed, but the baby’s heartbeat was dropping, and this was the only course of action. Please pray for the health of Carly and her baby.


September 16, 2007

So, it looks like we may be moving. An opportunity to buy a bigger house has come up and it just so happens that that house is down the street from our friends the Bentons and the Carrs. It would be great to live in a house with trees (Lubbock is a little lacking in that department), and within walking distance of friends – especially since I have the privilege of caring for Lauren and Mason on a regular basis. We cannot buy a new house, though, if we still own our current house (apparently you have to have money to spend to buy something big), so we are trying to prepare our house to get it on the market. Who would have thought that we would have accumulated so much junk in the past five years?

I am trying to “stage” our house. Or, in other words, make it look as if imaginary children who would never break things on low shelves live here. It also includes things like emptying our closets so that potential buyers are fooled into thinking that there is no way that all your stuff could fill such a huge space, and making cookies before people come over so that someone hungry will want to live in our auto-cookie making house. Our friend Marc is our realtor and he suggested we vacuum our carpet everyday before we leave the house. Seriously! Our carpet will be vacuumed more in the next month or so than it has been in our entire residence here.

Hopefully, we will have our first open house this Saturday and people will be so impressed by the fresh cookie smell and the almost-empty cabinets that we will have offers coming out our ears. Maybe the empty pantry will lead them to think, ‘Wow! So spacious’ not ‘They need to go to the store.’ This probably isn’t the best time of year to sell a house, so we are just praying that if God wants us to move, He will provide the right buyer. Of course, if He doesn’t, we’ll still have a well-vacuumed, decluttered house that we love.