Comic Strip Hero

July 23, 2009

That boy has received a lot of well wishes since breaking his arm. This comic strip drawn by his friend Rhett might be my favorite, though. It’s a simple story about how, after his unfortunate accident, the boy with the Power of the Kast has the ability to protect his family from intruders in his home. Please notice that in the last picture, both his cast and his mohawk are featured! [Click each page to enlarge.]





The Accident

July 21, 2009

It was the last event of Vacation Bible School – a relay obstacle course. He was the anchor leg, racing to bring it home for his team. He glided through the hula hoop obstacle, mastered the swing with ease, he was up the ladder and down the slide faster than lightening – then came the spring horse (technically, it was a rocket). He rocked back and forth as his team cheered for him. Only the jump rope stood between him and victory for his team. He let go of the rocket, preparing to race to the last station, but the rocket still had power in its thrusters. We all watched as he flew over the rocket and landed on the sand.

Poor baby. We knew immediately that it was broken. We rushed him to the ER where we were immediately joined by supportive friends. Five hours later we left with a cast from his hand to his arm pit. It was a little too much adventure for my taste, but I was amazed by the support we got – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I’m just hoping that we’re done with broken bones.

Brown World

July 15, 2009

I walked into the living room and saw a brief snip of a show the boy was glued to going to commercial. I’m pretty careful about what I allow the kids to watch, so I wanted to find out what was on.

“What are you watching?”

Brown World.

“I’ve never heard of Brown World. You know you need to ask before you watch something.” At this point, the show returns and I immediately recognize a classic. “Buddy, why did you think this show was called Brown World?”

“I dunno. It’s got brown people. They’re funny.”

“This is The Cosby Show. It’s great. Daddy and I both watched it when we were little, too.”

I wonder what Bill Cosby would think about his new title…


June 4, 2009

It’s that time of year again – t-ball season. For the first time both the kids get to play on the same team. To celebrate this fact (and because no one else would volunteer), Matt signed up to be head coach. This is amusing only because we are known for our lack of athleticism and sports knowledge.

I’m most excited because the team is filled with kids from our church. It’s fun to cheer for kids we’ve watched grow up with our own kiddos. This is going to be a fun season.

Big Day

May 28, 2009

Today was a monumental day at our house. Look who doesn’t need training wheels anymore…


No Apologies

May 19, 2009

Yes, we have been absent from the web for a long, long time. Part of the delay has been the burden recapping all the things we have been doing over the past few months, so we’ll skip that. Instead, we’ll jump straight to today and hope for consistency from here on out.

Today is the kindergartener’s last day of school and the kids have been invited to participate in a talent show. When we asked him what he was talented at, he said, “Putting together LEGOs.” Easy enough. Here’s his submission for his class…

Bible Study

January 30, 2009

Last night at dinner we were talking about teeth. How they fall out, grow new ones, etc. At one point, the kids asked about the skin that holds teeth. Those are your gums, we explained.

“But how did God get the gums in your mouth around your teeth?” the girl asked.

“Hm, that’s a good question…” I trailed off, trying to figure out how to explain how gums work.

“I know! I know!” the boy shouted. Matt and I looked at each other, surprised by his certanity. We asked him to explain how he thought the mouth worked.

“God just said, ‘LET THERE BE GUMS!'”

Sounds good to me.

Four Eyes

January 16, 2009


I think he looks sweet with his new glasses. But, more importantly, he can see now. Always a good thing…


November 16, 2008

I was driving the boy and his friend to gymnastics last week and I heard them talking about school. Mitchell asked, “Are you in kindergarten?”

“Yeah! I’m in kindergarten,” my sweetie replied.

“Oh, yeah? Well, what’s your teacher’s name?” Mitchell asked.

He responded without hesitation, “Robin!”

Doctor’s Appointment

October 20, 2008

Today was the boy’s well-check at the pediatrician. For about two weeks he has been concerned about the possibility of getting a shot. He would talk about it incessantly, asking questions pondering if it would hurt, where it would be, if it would bleed, and on and on. In the car on the way to her office today, he started crying, telling me he just wasn’t that brave. To calm him down, I told him that if he ended up having to get a shot, I would get him a Webkinz.

Once we were in the examination room, our amazing doctor checked and saw that his shots were up to date. Score! She did suggest that he be vaccinated against the flu and turned to him. “Would you like the shot or the spray in your nose?” she asked.

“A SHOT!” he replied. I looked at him perplexed, I mean, this had haunted him for weeks. “I really want a Webkinz,” he shrugged.

Well played, buddy.